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Double Sided LED Race Timing Clock Door Open Mantainence Design IP64 Cabinet 5" High Character countdown timer

Name:Double Sided LED Race Timing Clock Door Open Mantainence Design IP64 Cabinet 5" High Character countdown timer
operate moderemote control
Digital height5 inch
Led colorred
case boxMetal
Functioncountdown and count up and stopwatch,clock
power sourceadapter 110-240V/12V
show formatHH:MM:SS or MM SS S/10
Led brightnesscan adjust brightness or dimmer
Time formatcan 12 or 24 hours switch

Product Description

  • 5" high digits, support hours minutes seconds time display
  • Support 12/24 hour real time clock display
  • Countdown up to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
  • Well made double sided metal cabinet, IP64 water proof grade, coated with anti-rust painting
  • Long lifespan LEDs, up to 100,000 hours

Product Description

This is a double sided Outdoor RED color 5 Inch high character large LED Race Timing Clock. The clock comes with tripod and can work under 12V DC power source. So, you can connect it to your battery directly(We connect a lead out of the cabinet so that you can connect to your battery. If you don't need it, just cut it off).

It applies high quality ultra brightness LEDs. The continuous working time can reach up to 100,000 hours! Mainly used for running events or marathon races timing. The convenient wireless RF remote control can easily helps you to correct a time or adjust the time with either 12 or 24 hour display. Besides real time clock, this item can also be used to countdown or up in hours minutes seconds. The maximum can reach 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds. And this function makes the clock becomes one of the best timing tools for running events. More and more running events and marathon organization starts to use this clock for their events. You can edit,pause or stop a timing from 20 meters away(max 40 meters). And sure that people can see the clock timing from the same long distance.

The IP64 cabinet makes the clock work without its owner any worries even when it's raining heavily. The metal material with anti-rust painting makes the cabinet durable enough! The most important feature of the cabinet is it's a open-door-maitenance. You can easily open the clock and replace defective part when the clock is damaged by mistake during your use.

The plug varies from country to country, we will use the corresponding plug according which country the buyer comes from, So, you don't have to worry about your local voltage and plug standard. The brightness and cabinet is designed for outdoor purpose. You can either use the clock directly under the sun or in raining days! Besides, we also program the brightness adjustable by remote control manually in case a lower brightness required in some occasions.
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