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2.3"LED Timer Countdown/up Timer in Seconds Max Count up to 9999 SECS

Name:2.3"LED Timer Countdown/up Timer in Seconds Max Count up to 9999 SECS
operate moderemote control
Digital height2.3"
Led colorred
case boxAluninum alloy
Functioncountdown and count up and stopwatch,counter
power sourceadapter 110-240V/12V
show formatHH:MM

Product Description

This is a 2.3 inch high character large led countdown/up clock in seconds. The countdown program is from 9999 seconds to 0 and count up program is from 0 to 9999 seconds. We can also program the clock to countdown/up by days or hours. And also we can program the clock to be controlled by buttons. If you need those different function, please message us. Please note: The clock selling in this listing is seconds countdown/up ONLY.

The clock is made by high quality RED seven segment(the real color looks like amber in human eyes) and high quality PCB. The overall sizie of the clock is about 35x16x4cm.

The control method is IR remote, which can make you easily adjust the clock when it is installed out of reach. The control distance is 5m.

We also add the reset function. When it is in countdown mode, click reset, the clock can return to 999 and when it is in count up mode, it can be reset to 0.
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